NORTH CAROLINAJust finished up a Downhill qualifying run. They had the men go first, so I was the last one down the mtn today. Full spikes, might cut em down for tomorrow though as the sun is out for the rest of the weekend, but they were hooking up out in the grass.

Gwin took the men's win by like 11 seconds over Riffle, Keene, Logan, Memmellar, Mitch R, KT. Cody had a crash, but that's all the news I got. Like I said, I was sitting at the top.

You would expect to see Gwin pull a lot of time on a track like this that is either ruts or off camber, he picks the right speed and just commits to angles. His whole family is here. Was chatting to his dad, who is really quite outgoing and friendly, His mom too. Neko has family support as well; Mom bro, grandparents. nice to see. His grandparents always cook a ton of food for their team and bring it to the races. I want to sponsor a grandma to come cook food for us:)

My run was pretty good, just messed up one bit and had to pass someone, but happy to get a full run locked in. The sprint to the end is brutal, lot of pedaling. Being sick doesn't help that, but I'm feeling good on my bike, having fun. Jackie 2nd, Darian 3rd. I think. Didn't actually hear. 12 second lead.