NORTH CAROLINA Pretty good day, little dh practice in the am, slalom quali in the afternoon. It's been raining a bit today, actually a lot last night and this morning, but the traction up at the slalom tonight was perfect. Just a little boggy on the take offs of the lower jumps. Few guys got squirrely. Poor ol Mitch hit one jump earlier at practice and got sucked in which flipped him over the bars and into his shoulder. All good though. That kid can take a hit like nobody's business. He still qualified fastest in the Pro mens' class. I did as well.

More spectators than I thought. Fans love slalom.

Course is really so fun. turn to turn to turn, pump , flow. All the things we love about riding bikes.

SLALOM QUALI Pro Women 1. Jill 2. Jackie Harmony 3. Darien Harvey

Pro Men 1. Mitch Ropoloto 2. Neko 3. Cody Kelly 4. Lear Miller 5. Logan Bitchin' Bingelli

DH For downhill this morning, I think today was even better in the mud. Full spikes for dh, deep ruts, wet grass turns, loved it. Kept my runs to a minimum today, course is ever changing with this weather. I've been trying to fight off a cold too. Hard to do two events and keep my energy up for sunday.

Cat 2 and 3 raced already. Bumming schedule for them to come all the way out here for one day of practice and a race run the next day. Hopefully they change that so those guys get more riding in next year.

Anyway, more tomorrow. DH quali and slalom finals.