VASHON ISLAND, WA Our teammate Lars Sternberg got married yesterday to the lovely Asta. Pretty well put together event with the flowers, colors, good crew, fun stories, band, outdoor setting, lights, food, tents, etc. Nice to see our homies surrounded by so many friends. Lars was so nervous, we were cracking up, but he did well. Congrats guys.

Of course a large chunk of the NW bike community was there. Casey Northern as best man, which was awesome. Reverend Nate on the mic, who killed it out there- funny hat, good stories, singing love songs. Transition crew; owners Kyle and Kevin, Sam, Skuk, Cam burns- who brought 26lb of smoked meat:) Actually Most of Bellingham was there; Trail builders EB and TOdd, as well as many many trail shredders, etc. so a Good mix.

Really classy though:) Cheers to the Sternbergs and Sestraps!!! Casey