FRANCE Been posted up in Morzine, Fance for a couple weeks now between races. Quite the place to ride, sort of a new level of technical; It is rooty, steep, and rough, then main trails out in the open hardpack have big holes and braking bumps everywhere else. Absolutely brutal on the ol hands.

I've been mainly sticking to the wooded areas where there is some dirt left, but the roots n stuff I haven't seen anything like it. spanning the entire width of the trail, like spiderwebs, Big holes too. Good training for italy next week.

Have ridden at a couple different resorts now. Even tried to xc mission over to a few, but got shutdown from the weather. closing lifts in the rain from thunder maybe? Guess you can ride and link up chairlifts, so it's mostly all down hill.

18 days down, 23 more to go. Kinda missing normal breakfast, only so many baguettes with ham and cheese you can eat. Good riding though. Kinda of an eat, sleep, ride kinda place.....