LABRESSE, FRANCE After about a week of riding in Morzine, Marshy and I finally arrived to soggy Labresse. 2 years ago in 2009 was the last time there was a World Cup here. Bryn raced it , not me, (before my DH campain), but the track is almost completely identical routing. Think all they did was get out the lawn mower and built a roofless house that we ride through to hit a drop:) funny. Couple jumps n stuff too, but a nice old school track to mix it up. Good variety this year.

It's only wednesday today, so nothing going on, but I went out for a hike cause it was better than sitting around all day in the room. Rain and all- i'm hardcore. Haven't been able to fall asleep before 3 am all week, so gotta fill the day somehow.

yeah, so , big pedal out the start, 40 second sprint, no braking. Some mega G outs, lots of grass, rocks, off camber, jumps, etc. Shorter track than normal too, which is always good for sprinters.

Peaty took a victory here last time, as did Frenchie. We will see what the future holds.