I bought a seasons pass yesterday to the Portes du soleil, and hit up 3 different resorts with Marshy- my mechanic. He  has lived her for 10 years, and knows all the tracks, so we are having a good time riding together. Bonus for me is that he looks after my bike at the end of the day, which is amazing!! Thank you Marshy!!. think 12 resorts linked up in total, spanning France and Switzerland, so hundreds of tracks. Bit muddy out there yesterday, but drying up fast, sun is out!!. Can't say that I've even tapped into the potential here, but covered some ground. Main lines at each resort, Morzine-the pleney, Les Gets, and super morzine have kind of ruined my hands. So rough, it's hard to hold on by the end. Guess the edges of the tracks are better than the middles, but the less ridden tracks in the woods are the go. So far , best track of the place was in Lesgets, captain something or other, in the trees off the main path a ways. And run of the mill on super morzine.

My new Israeli friends cliam the best tracks are on the pleney lift, so that's the go today I think. Love how they all met bryn last year and now have tr450's .

I'd be out there right now if it was for the ol 'lag of z jet, keeping me back . Half days are probably the smart thing to stay fresh anyway. Some of the girls I race are out here every day, frenchie, pugin, emile, etc. Ripping around with local knowledge. Just gotta find a practice buddy, dunno if they are keen, never really ridden with girls before....

Got a solid chunk of time here, till sep 5th. Miranda is coming out after Labress, so that'll be super fun!! Woo. I'm outta here. Sorry for no pics.