From crankworx friday night we made it home pretty late, slept for awhile, then picked up Luke Strobel in the early am, and drove the extra 3 hr mission down to the outdoor motocross race at Washougal. It's right at the bottom of the state near the columbia river, scenic all around. Bryn had been looking forward to this for awhile. He did a lot of off road extreme crutching all around the track. Hill climbs, rock gardens, etc:). Live action is always more exciting to see the speed, hear the sounds, wander the pits, get a mega sunburn, mingle with rednecks, eat Washougal dogs, kettle corn,  etc.

Exciting racing too, easy to see how the top guys pull away from mid range guys, same as downhill, better execution of skill, brake later, etc. Parallel world. I wish I had a motor sometimes, and squillions of doallas like these guys and their semi trucks and elaborate staff.

Dungey won,  his riding is so textbook and he earned it, but he's not really the fan favorite in our camp. Poor ol canard just came back from a broken femur and busted it again. Bryn was not stoked to hear that. Femur buddies stick together, it;s a horrific injury to endure.

Good times. We caught the freecaster stream of the crankworx slopestyle from luke's phone while we were sitting in traffic to leave the venue. best of both worlds.