Not really a successful race run in WIndham:( I felt amazing in practice leading up to finals, but was a bit nervous, made a couple big mistakes, survived, but was just not at full potential. So I'll just be patient, work on braking efficiently, and try again.

Some good things to come out of this were: more experience, and I moved up a spot in the ranks to 10th , which is a protected position for qualifying at the next round.

Last couple weeks have been difficult. I'm loving the riding, but had a few big crashes and am really just sore and disappointed. Miss having bryn with me, this solo campaign isn't really ideal for a first timer, but I'm doing my best. Lucky to have marshy on the wrench, and scotty as my coach helping out.

It is my first official world cup year, but I hate losing!!. Not an easy pill to swallow for someone like me. Guess that is what will continue to drive my improvement.

Rachel ended up winning the women's class. Pinner off the brakes. She seems to step it up in the races, which is pretty cool. Pugin too, is riding well.

I went up to watch the men's final. American support to the max, flags waving, music pumpin, cheering, etc. Our boys did pretty good, with Gwin obviously dominating, but luke strobel in 15 and Bubba Warren (cody's little Bro)  getting 23rd at his 2nd world cup.

The whole Gee and Minnaar Battle is a bit funny, seems like the younger guys are less caught up in all the overall title worry, and are just out there to ride fast. peaty, who is rad, was 2nd and back up to where he should be in the ranks. He took the sign Peaty's plunge, the spot he crashed last year, up on the podium with him. Real funny.