SKIBOWL- MT.HOOD, OREGONCouldn't find results anywhere but on facebook for the Regional NW race back in Oregon. Same weekedn as the National round in Crested Butte. Few top national guys in attendance. Mikey Sylvestry getting it done- on a roll. Local legend Kyle Thomas apparently had a flat in his run. Timmer pulling the deuce in some fresh non turquoise gear? and TR Charlie on podium with a bronze in his home state! nice one. Mountain Man keith was out with a busted body. If I wasn't global this year, I probably would've been in Hood, sick track, good people. Estes no doubt spitting gold on the microphone, per usual.

Top 5 Pro results: 1.Mikey Sylvestry 2. Tyler Immer 3. Charlie Sponsel 4. Adam Ransavage 5. Eric Loney