FT.WILLIAM, SCOTLANDGot to the venue today and the lift was shut due to extremely high winds, so we hiked to check it all out:)

The overall weather scheme so far has been overcast all day, windy and rainy. Looks exactly the same from the minute you wake up to the time you go to bed, but It's supposed to hopfully clear up and be nice. Seattle is similar weather, but this wind is a buzz kill, and potentil hazard. Guess it shut down the race at glenco last weekend. Crushed rock surface stays grippy and doesn't let the water seep in. They've got Round river type rocks here too instead of the square edged ones we just visited on the east coast. So no surprises, same as usual.

Sic mic, His mechanic terry', Scotty, and I got all got gortex-ed up to hike for an early inspection. Bit of a mission, but gave us something fun to do and get exercise. Sic mic is a bit of a champ here so it was nice of him to point out a few lines for me, in Bryn's absence.

It wasn't too windy until up by the cattle grid where the trees disappear and it is all exposed. Felt like the bitter cold of winter nearly pushing us over. maybe blasting at 60 mph or more. Didn't see any sheep, they must have fled to a warmer mtn or got blown away-  So cute with their little black faces. Anyway, Waterfalls were gushing, midges were dormant, which made the walk sort of a windy scenic nature hike. Finished up by a nice warm dry set of clothes, and soup at the cafe:) dialled!

Besides that, There were a couple new pole placements as well as a new woods section and road gap. standard eroded terrain. I'm pretty pumped to ride here, looks real fun. Turns will suit me well, and rocks- like all that stuff. Haven't had 14 years of riding here like T-Mo (tracy), I'm a first timer, but it's shouldn't matter too much- here to shred. Will be all about the physicality of it, just so rough and long. Couple tricky bits, mostly the new stuff, but we will see once that beds in a bit..

Bryn got his staples out today and is going home soon. That's the latest update.... couple more days till practice starts...