Been on a bit of a road trip the last couple weeks throughout california. Nothing makes me more happy than riding new spots every day and seeing homies. The ol sprinter is the best thing in the world!!! like a mobile studio garage apartment, got everything I need:)

So after the dirt series camp, I hung out in Santa Cruz for a few days. Parked on cliff drive one day, had the door open with an ocean view, wireless from the neighbors, and could ride my bike over to a tasty taco spot:) There is also some awesome pump tracks in the area. ET (evan Turpen) and I were hitting a new track per day. He is a bit of a freak show on a pump track, I made a video if ya wanna see.. We both only had our slalom bikes- doubles, so pumped em up to 220psi in the rear and pumped pump tracks all day...

Also did some dh runs in Santa cruz with Brad, Amado , and Katie. I only have the TR 250 from sea otter, but it is riding so nice on a variety of terrain!! Then cruised up to Nevada City to see scotty, and we continued north to ride at Chico with some new friends. Awesome day up there, really good DH tracks, guess we got the first ride of the season on em. Thanks to Kyle Warner and friends for showing us the ways. And in case you were wondering, Scotty still shreds!!! Hits everything pretty much first or second run, fearless:)

I'm now in Ashland, trying to figure out where to go:) quick ride somewhere, then kinda heading home. It's been cold and wet in seattle, so I wasn't really in any hurry. Too happy on the road with all my stuff and bikes, almost better than home if Bryn were here. Good variety on the west coast though!! Helps to have friends in almost every good town.