MONTEREY, CA Facebook is pretty dialed to upload photos, but here are a few rippers to tell the epic tale of the death sprints known at the Sea Otter Classic DH. Track is fun, but it has a lot of flat sections, and some uphills to match the down bits.

Jared Graves and Melissa Buhl won pro DH races today. I came 2nd, just a bit off on my lines, needed to press harder. Buhly is a bit of a champ here at the otter, she has won this event several times against the best in the world, so I'll take the deuce and build from here for the next one:) Miranda 3rd. Mens podium. Jared smashed it on his little 4x duel suspension bike. He was one of the only ones to run this set up, a rough ride no doubt, but he has been known to do DH runs flat out on a hard tail, and is more than suited to this event. He was strong to the line. Neethling with 2nd, Timmer, then Bryn for 4th, Eric Carter 5th. Lars and Miranda straight face lurker.

Pretty sure I only saw Bryn charging this massive triple, but it was rad, fans were well impressed...

Theo Loved it!!

My pal Kathy Pruitt, was here spectating. She was hurt pretty badly last summer and is taking sometime off from DH to do school and stuff. Good to see a homie back in good form.

Pain of winning..