Monterey, CA First day at the venue today. Kind of a condensed Sea Otter schedule this year, whoever scheduled the practice stuff must have been kinda new, but in a way it's better. Thurs set up, Fri dh practice, Sat slalom all day and race, then sunday race DH, 4 days get in get out.

Lots of other stuff going on though for cat 1-2-3 amateurs practice, product launches, kids zones, , New bikes, fresh gear , bike set ups, media guys all over, etc.

Leigh Donovan is here with her family, so her daughter grace, Leigh and I were out riding the little zones, checking it all out..

Sun was out and the tracks are pretty dusty, windy too, so it'll be dry as a bone if this keeps up. Dunno what else to tell you except the double and the 250 (my bikes) are ready to go, and feeling good!!! Spent the day tweaking them out, getting dialled. Thx Justin, firsty n Rich:). Can't wait. Thank you to all my great sponsors!! TR, Fox, Crankbrothers, oakley, shimano, Kore, Maxxis, e.13, 5.10, odi, tld, Jett clothing, Jaguire, cane creek, Cadence Works ti bolts, park tool, cti, etc...

DH Course got a bit of a face lift. I wouldn't say anything super duper major, but for sure better than it has been as far as better transitions to flow, turns, rerouted bottom. THis is not a place where technical ability is gonna win it for you though. All 6-7 corners are pretty bermed up and straight forward. There is one off cambered bit that will be very slick come sunday afternoon, But guaranteed there will be suffering from the sprints! Especially to the line, last bit of track has a major flat sprint. Hard to say how much better it will be, I haven't ridden it. Maybe ask team Giant who had pre session to film it. Looks like they got it down.

Here's a little Cat 1 slalom acton shot for you, wooo!!!