Pretty stoked that my prototype mini seat has basically gone to production at Kore!! Last year I was having a few issues with thigh bruising from a regular length seat, and also not being able to lower it enough with tire buzz, so got to wondering why do we even need a big nose on a seat, and extra overhang at the back? The woodpecker needed to be fixed...

Few years back Oscar Saiz rode a little hoof looking seat with no nose , which looked really retarded, but it had to have function to be that ugly. We did some experimenting and concluded that having the seat too high or too big of nose compromised bike lean in downhill, at least for Bryn and I.

So I busted out a dremmel and some shoe glue and went to work on my previous saddle to come up with a really nice little number that functions so much better than the previous version, for me. Cut a bunch off the nose, the back, and tapered the sides a bit.

Kore is keeping the graphics inline with their torsion line, so this is not like my signature seat. My version is a bit different, but this torsion production seat serves the purpose of the mini seat.  Thank you Kore for being awesome and adapting our ideas:)

Their 35mm Torsion bars are amazing, and the new direct mount stem has nice aesthetics now. For sure peep the new goods from Kore when you go to buy new bars and stuff.