MT.BULLER, VIC, AUSAs it started to snow before qualifying in Australia, I was thinking what the hell happened to the heat wave we had last week. Anyway, saturday practice was cancelled from high winds and downpours, but suunday it was on. Track was wet and slippery, but the rocks all held together for some grip. Bryn and I seeded first. And Bryn went on the take the final win by quite a bit of time over his little Bro who was riding well, and the rest of the Aussies. Rennie 3rd, Ricky Boyer 4th, tim eaton 5th.

I was almost to the finish, but had a pretty severe crash. Was layed out for at least half a minute trying to breath again and gather my composure. Clipped a rock with my pedal on the fastest bit of track, straight to my backside. Helmet is pretty scratched up, pedal destroyed, ass sore, but so it goes. Had fun riding and seeing everyone, and now will have a few days off to recover. Not the best week for me.