ROTORUA, NZWell after an incredible day of riding yesterday, the excessive rain from all afternoon, night, and morning has cancelled this race. Pretty unlucky for me, but at least mission accomplished with a visa renewal. I'm going to have to come back, hopefully soon, and spend some real time riding here!!.

I would've hated to see the track destroyed by riding it today anyway, so they made the right call. Kitted up  and ready to get dirty though, I really really had a lot of fun with this terrain. From my first run onward I was just smiling the whole time. So fast and flowy, with fun little gaps everywhere, ruts, actual jumps, etc. Think the shuttles have problems when it rains as the big busses/ trailers slide down the hill and freaks the drivers. It hasn't really rained here in awhile, so after today it will be all caught up to last another couple months. Never fails to rain on race day.