It was pouring so hard the other day, that we thought blue skies could be found east of the mountains at one of my favorite trails- Kachees. Bit of a mission, hour and a half drive or so to get to the trail, but no rain. Unloaded at the top of the mountain, with an epic view of Mt.Rainier, Kachess lake, and a rad steep rocky ridge. Had to do some hiking in the snow, front wheel dives into snow are pretty fun for awhile but it's quite tricky going in a straight line in snow. So with wet snowy clip shoes, we hiked for probably 30-40 min. Once we dropped a bit of elevation, it was amazing. Stream crossing were a higher than the last time I went there. Cougars had stomped in prints along the trail too, which scared the bejesus out of me!! as the third member of our crew-out the rear it's not a nice feeling. Didn't see to many creatures scurrying around as decoys, but we all made it with our power in numbers theory, so whatever.

Luke, Bryn, and I had so much fun, once we got to actual dirt, there was incredible traction and shredding. This trail is nice and rugged, lots of roots and some nice tech turns and gaps.

Our last big push, leaving for the next 5 months, so this was the only bit of snow we will see this year. This trail is probably snowed in till about june of next year, till then...

magical covert.