RENTON, WA Some of our local friends built a slalom track out near the xc trails, so for Halloween the Go Huck Yourself guys had a little underground, $5 best lap slalom race for a bit of of fun.

They also sponsored the BBQ, and beverages, so with about 30 riders and additional fans all dressed in their finest costumes, we had ourselves an awesome time. Dunno how the rain held off all day, but Travis was stoked cause his bear suit would've weighed about 20 pounds extra and effected his times:). Bryn has been riding just a little bit, thumb is healed, so he was clocking quick times.

The timing system was quite clever... Made out of mobile radios, laser beams, plus a crappy laptop with excel, it was dialed. mountain bikers + electrician skills= pretty handy:)

Lots of good costumes, only one casualty (snapped a collarbone), and plenty of riding. The unlimited run format counting best times made the day a lot easier but much harder too. Easier cause less pressure and the dirt dried out, but Each run was about 50 seconds with a couple flat pedally sections, which was a big effort:)

Bryn won with a 49.2, Travis Erikson took off the bear suit and managed 2nd with a 50.24, and I got the bronze with a 50.67. Keith and trevor rounded out the podium. Super official:) anyway, I had a great time, should've put more effort into my leprechaun outfit, but you know. later..

Thanks to AJ and the GOhuckyourself guys...