WHISTLER, Canada- August 13-21, 2016 - The final stop of the Crankworx World Tour finished up in Whislter, BC this week where Jill Kintner dominated 3 events; slalom, Pumptrack, and Air Downhill, taking home the coveted Queen of Crankworx overall title!!!


“Wow, what a week in Whistler. So much happens in a short time with 4 events back to back and all the other stuff that goes on. I came into this series with a lot of focus towards winning the overall, and am satisfied and relieved that it all went to plan. With so many other talented women pushing me in every discipline, it feels good to have come out with 8 wins this season from New Zealand, France, and Whistler, and show my diversity of skills it took to win this title. Thx to Tris my mechanic for managing all 4 bikes at 3 stops, Bryn for support, and all my sponsors for making the best gear to get it done:)."


AIR DH (1st): 

“A-Line trail was as rough and dry as I have ever seen it, yet I decided to race my trail bike for the first time. I was in love with the new 2.5 Double down Maxxis tires, which gave so much control and rolled quick, so I felt comfortable and just went with it. I’m not sure if a DH bike would have been better just to be able to land on the transitions better and roll though the turns, but it doesn’t matter, I have that trail wired on any bike and the win there set the tone for the whole week."


Slalom (1st): 

“Slalom is always my favorite event for how it combines technical skill and cornering. This course was really short and a bit easy, but dry loose conditions provided a good challenge. We had more ladies than ever this year which is good to see, and slalom brings together downhillers, 4x riders, slope style athletes, etc. for good head to head battles, which the fans love:)." 

Kids jill met from earlier in the day at a poster signing came by to say congrats,,, Kidsworx also going strong in whistler. 


Whip Off (5th): 

“The Whip-off gave me the most stress, not because of the jumps, but the winds were really strong and unpredictable when you have that much hang time. I wasn’t willing to risk anything in this event, but I set out to do it at the beginning of the year and wanted to challenge myself. I did it and came out with a few extra points to counter Casey who throws it sideways pretty good:). With all the people there witching, I think seeing ladies hit such massive jumps sets a new standard too, so I was glad to be a part of that.”

Jill’s first run through the Crabapple whip jumps following former Junior Usa worlds team member Warren Kniss. 


Pumptrack (1st): 

“With a change of venue to the Blackcomb Base 2 halfpipe area, the straight rhythm style was new and pretty cool. It’s good to mix things up to be faster and more technical, which we had been asking for for awhile! Pumptracks should be pro level at crankworx; I thought it could have been twice as long and have more turns, but it was still the best pumptrack so far. Maybe the start technique needs a little more attention, but I loved this event and was pumped on how it went, so much fun jumping through rhythm sections, and Mitchypoo is unreal to watch." 

Scratching their names into the Whistler pumptrack trophy once again, Mitch x4, Jill x6

Blind berms keep it interesting


Canadian Open DH (DNS): 

“I always come into the week wanting to do Canadian open, but every practice overlaps with something else. Downhill takes the most attention, especially with loose slippery conditions, and being a bit fatigued from the week I didn’t feel as prepared as I needed to be for it. I was leading the Downhill overall series as well, but didn’t have a single run before race day, so I decided to let it go. Tracy held it together for a good run, so congrats to her on the dh series and a great season."


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