It's pretty fun to have an idea, sketch it out, and have a custom prototype made by a friend and talented local bag maker. John at makes sweet packs for riding, his specialty being   hip packs. He loves bags in general though and is really enthusiastic:) . He can sew just about anything, so when I asked him if he wanted to help make a travel helmet bag, he was in!!

So the outcome: this bad ass quilted pocketed, water resistant, camo, leather handled, padded bottom helmet bag. Inspired by my Ogio helmet bag that is no longer made, this helmet bag blows that out of the water, and is by far the nicest bag I have ever had to protect my Red Bull helmet and carry all the goggles/ lenses, tear offs, etc I need. 

Huge thank you to John. I love working with people who care and have craftsmanship like he does. Check out his bags, and support local!!