Take a Kid Mountain biking day was pretty fun. Lot of little kiddies riding around having a good time. Duthie hill is the perfect place to start riding, all different types of terrain and skills for any level to enjoy. Awesome bike park in our community. I actually ride out there quite a bit, but on my own schedule... Gets a little hectic around weekend warriors when you are trying to shred as hard as possible:)

Anywhoo,Evergreen mountain bike alliance lined this event up, Kat Sweet mostly in charge, so I was one of  "celebrity" riders. Me , Phil Sundbaum , and Billy Lewis. The day went down like this; small group trail ride in the AM, hot dog lunch, a jump jam, and raffles. Some kid got a pretty rad Diamond back hardtail dirt jump frame, presented by Billy - of course.

There were a lot of other riders from the local scene as well, so all in all, pretty good day. Thx guys!! 

I love pups:)