LAKE PLACID, NY Race day. It started to rain this afternoon just before finals, but luckily for us it wasn't for too long, and the dry tires stayed on. Pretty cold up top though and some bits were a little slipperier. My run started good, but once into the first trees, I caught a root with my pedal and kinda got ejected. That took some time to get unstuck, as did a pant-leg caught on the seat further down, just hit a couple roots awkward and got sideways, super slick in there, jeeze. Once I got out of that top bit though, I had the best run of the weekend on the bottom. 9 min is a long time to race downhill and anything can happen. Successfully pulled a tear off, whoo hoo! rode pretty good, learned about finding the edges of tracks where it is smoother to save energy. Still need to not brake on wet roots, but managed 2nd place today and the overall win for the Pro Gravity series.

Tracy Mosley had a dominating run, sub 9 min for the victory,me 2nd, Jackie Harmony third, Jess stone 4th. I am really glad this weekend is over!! 3 runs combined into one really takes it outta ya. Lots of upper body strength and fitness.

For the men, Trek World Racing placed 1,2,3. Leov, Neethling, Neko. Then Chris Heath 4th, Waylan Smith 5th. Guess Logan "Bitchin" Binggelli had a big crash to the head this morning, Gerrit Beytagh a mechanical, Kieran caught the guy in front of him who wouldn't pull over, and crashed into the guy when he crashed, etc. Anyway, Justin is a killer on these longer courses and did well to win by 10 seconds over 2nd place. Good thing too, cause with Neethling taking 2nd, Bryn maintained the overall Series!! Not a bad year for Transition Racing and the TR450 Dh rig!!

The organizers of this mountain were pretty pumped on the event, heard a few cowbells in the woods too. Prize purses for Pros were pretty good too, men's 1st $1500. This was one of the most technical tracks in the North east, Longest too, 3+ miles of downhilling.

Anyway, that's it for now. We fly back to Seattle tomorrow, then Bryn goes into the Chop Shop tues to fix his thumb, and we chillax for a couple months. After that off to Australia and Jan- Feb in New Zealand to ride some awesome terrain!! and it starts over again next april.

If anyone has a wheelbarrow full of cash and would like to support Transition Racing next year, give us a shout. :) Fund raising time....