WINDHAM, NYDownhill qualifying today, top 80 men, 20 women. Proud to say I made the cut, 7th with room to improve. Bryn with a 9th, and is riding better than ever, so proud.

Tracy mosley took the top time. She boosted one of the sketchy gaps, which was a ton faster, but rode awesome and put a lot of time into us. Nice one. Frenchies and Rachel in the top 5 after that, then me. Keeping it real for american fans:) Most of the girls sort of avoided a couple of the bigger gaps till everything dried out a bit more. slick in spots in the woods, guess ther are natural springs trickling down, but the track was a lot easier today than it was yesterday.

Quite a few people got wrecked out there. After Minnaar crashed yesterday and dislocated his elbow or whatever, he came back today and put himself in a position to still win the World Cup. Race is on for gee and him. Talk about toughing it out. Meanwhile, up on the hill, sic mic took a digger into a tree and broke a collarbone/ hit his head, matti did something to his shoulder earlier and had to pull over in qualifying, etc. All my scrapes and bruises and missing skin on my finger seem quite insignificant now to all of that.

peaty won mens quali, which is rad to see. Probably had some time to himself to finally focus. Good timing right for worlds. Idisnt look too close at results. Quali isn't too important, as the race is Sunday. But it helps for knowing how to find more speed. dirtmag , .. Check the media for more coverage, dunno why the Internet always sucks and I end up tapping updates from my phone with two bars of signal. Enjoy..