WINDHAM, NEW YORK DH course walk today. It's been raining a bunch out here in NY, guess for three weeks, but considering how much it has rained, the dirt dried up pretty quick in some spots. Other spots, like in the flatter zones out in the open, are pretty screwed and unwalkable:) They cancelled all of 4x walking and riding today and maybe tomorrow, but anything goes for DH. This track is a lot steeper than most east coast tracks, seems like straight lines to steep shoots, few rock hucks, some jumps, few sketchy high speed bits, lots of trees, and soft  in a lot of places which means it's going to have big holes and ruts over the next few days. Other than that, looks good and challenging, they have done a nice job getting everything together here. Rad to be in the USA after 4 years of not having a world cup here. Home soil is always better. I'm excited to see how it goes:).

There are some really good pics on of the track today..