ASPEN, CODownhill sunday. Got a big rain storm after practice this morning, hail and everything, but it only took a few hours to get back to dusty.

Sorta weird to write about, but some days you're feeling it and some days not so much. Today was one of those days. Seemed like no one could have beat me on friday, sat was average- had a high speed crash on the last run, and today was probably my worst run ever. Lost the front end in the high speed turns up top going really really fast, again!. Took my time getting up, forks were all crooked, then had another bobble exiting the first woods section cutting across the inside to drop onto the fire road, wheels slipped, and wham, chin on the stem and off the bike! 6 stitches. Lucky one of the dads on tour is an ER doctor, and he stitched me up in the parking lot:). Not even worth rolling down the hill today. Guess I'll take it here, instead of next week, not too hurt, just looking all ghetto.

Buhly ended up winning, as did Aaron Gwin by like 15 sec. Lars took 4th, but was only off 2nd by half a second.