TRUCKEE, CA Such a lung burner of a race at Northstar!!. The combination of elevation, hot dry dusty conditions, and all the pedalling over 4+ min left us all in a world of hurt. I am actually still coughing a day later, but could barely talk or do anything for a good 20 min after my run.

I knew buhly would be in her element on a course like this, so I had to throw down a good run and pedal as hard as possible. She had a crash though, so my time stands as the top time of the weekend. Good to see pruitt out racing, she is a talented rider, as is Leigh d, so our field had some depth.

Pedalling Didn't seem to be a problem for World cup leader Greg Minnaar. He usually kills it whn it comes to fitness courses, but bryn was right there riding really well!! it is so rad to have top guys attend these events. Races in the us are growing because of it. All the Santa Cruz big hitters, Minnaar, peaty, Cedric, just missing Josh bryceland who almost lost his head last week.

They also brought in Larry longo to announce on the weekend, he is the best! And knows a lot about the sport. Think he will be doing some commentary for the wyndam world cup, not sure if that's freecaster or what, but fans will be stoked.

Pro dh Women's finals 1. Jill 4.29.7 2. Kathy pruitt 4.37.5 3. Leigh Donovan 4.45.2 4. Jackie harmony 4.45.6 5. Rachel Bauer 4.46.9

buhly DNF

Men's dh results 1. Greg Minnaar 3.59.9 2. Bryn 4.03.3 3. Steve peat 4.06.5 4. Cedric gracia 4.07.3 5. Mitch Ropelato 4.07.4 6. Mikey sylvestri 4.07.4 7. Eliot Jackson 4.10.3 8. Kevin aiello 4.11.0 9. Jd swangen 4.11.7 10. Logan binggelli 4.12.2 11. Lars Sternberg 4.12.5

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