Since I live pretty close, and had a bit of spare time, I pinned it up to Canada in the sprinter to visit homies and ride. Squamish, being the outdoor Capitol of the world, got me especially excited. Xc trails for days that have decent climbs, but fast technical flowy decents:) I was permagrin the whole ride! My new favorite spot:) You must make that town a mandatory stop if headed to whistler, pemberton too apparently. Anywho, Strand and Miranda had the hot tips for trails, so we gathered a crew of about 8 and packed in good solid days. rode whistler bike park for one day, pump tracks, xc, bike paths- just a happy place to be on a sunny day. Went to north Vancouver as well to visit dennis "air" beare. Rode some downhill dirt jumps, but the highlight was the fourty year old drunk shirtless guy yelling whewww over every jump he jumped. Nice touch was a cig hanging out his mouth:) Sorry I haven't had many updates, ive been leaving my computer at home a lot. Kinda sucked to not watch the freecaster from Scotland, ha to get Twitter updates. Bryn was there, maybe he'll fill you in.

In Port Angeles again right now for round 3 or the NW cup. Goo practice for the things I need to work on... Back up to Canada after this though, then south to northstar @ tahoe for some nor cal shredding.