Plattekill Bike Park- Roxbury, NY

Race #2 of the Pro Gravity series complete. Means a lot to USA racing to have top US and international talent supporting these events. Pro Podiums had 5 countries represented, USA, Aus, NZ, UK, RSA.

Throughout the day, conditions dried out from the overnight rain. Morning practice was a tricky, I got pretty dirty from a digger, but by the time 3pm rolled around, wind and sun made rolling almost the same as the previous days, and the course was in good shape. Qualification and finals were in the same day, which was nice. Bryn took the top spot in Quali and then was pretty close to backing it up for finals, but Neethling rode well and squeaked him out.  I was up in drug testing for the men's final, so I missed most of the finals, heard some numbers from an ear against the window.

Women's race, Tracy Mosley has so much experience and was able to take 7 seconds off her qualifying run which was ridiculous 3.00. Her time was competitive with a lot of the men's times. Buhly and I were battling it out for the #2 position, think this track would'e suited her really well. I'm not sure how much time I lost hitting a tree, but I got beat, and this experience and learning from every run has been pretty exciting, so I'm happy with that. Just pinning it and letting off the brakes is not something you can just do safely, it takes time to build speed.

The organizers of the event were really happy to have everyone at their mountain, and we were happy to be here. Small town events are classic. The MC of awards defiantly took his time giving out awards, and botching names, and paid the price in the end getting soaked with pro men's champaign:).

KHS sponsored the event and gave away like 5 complete bikes to amateurs and event winners. They also contributed to the pro prize purse, which was fantastic. Bryson Martin earned his spot on the Jr Worlds Team as well.

I put a bunch of pics on facebook if you're interested...

Pro Mens Results: 1. Andrew Neethling 2:43:48 2. Bryn Atkinson 2:44:47 3. Justin Leov 2:45:20 4. Duncan Riffle 2:47:44 5. Kieran Bennett 2:47:99 6. Logan Binggeli 2:48:91 7. Jared Rando 2:49.28 8. JD Swanguen 2:49.70 9. Mikey Sylvestri 2:49.83 10. Jurgen Beneke 2:51.35

Pro Womens Results: 1. Tracy Moseley 3:00:49 2. Melissa Buhl 3:05:47 3. Jill Kintner 3:09:14 4. Darian Harvey 3:29:93 5. Rae Gandolf 3:45:12