Buller Seeding

MT.BULLER, VICTORIA, AUS Just finished up the seeding runs here at Mt. Buller. Nice day, sun was out. I personally got cooked, red face and arms, but small price to pay for a sunny day in the mtns. The course here is as rocky as it gets, just finding a little flow is the trick:) I've been loving it actually. The new bikes handle amazing, so this track is a ripper for testing all kinds of speeds and impacts.

For seeding run, I am stoked that Tracy Hannah is here to race against, but unfortunately I got a flat half way down my run, so the real battle will be tomorrow. Keep em guessing. About 7 ladies, so I am the first to go, which is sweet. Tracy had a fast time, and won the quali.

In the mens, Troy Brosnan, Sam Hill, Bryn, Ricky Boyer, Rhys Atkinson. Top 5. Bryn said he was a little tight, but happy to get his first race over with after so much time out. New day tomorrow.

SEEDING RESULTS/ LIVE TIMINGwww.castech.com.au/Results

Some fast juniors here too. Australia pumps em out!. Jared Rando has taken over a little bit of coaching duties, giving these rippers some stucture. He's kinda like the new scotty, but darker:).

That's it for now. C ya tomorrow. Don't forget to also follow the Supercross from Dodger stadium. I'm calling that Bubba gets his shit together and owns it:).