Oceania Champs/ OZ national series final

Shepparton, VICJr. Atkinson- Rhys just finished 2nd at Oceania champs!! And won the overall National Series for Australia!!! Nice work! May have been the lucky poster I made, Or just solid riding for the season, either way, He can now claim to be the Wizard of OZ, aka National series Champ!!

Was a bit of a heated battle for that overall between Rhys and Ricky Boy, think it must have come down to only one position. Lucky maybe that Came Cole flew out for the event? But who knows, anything can happen.

Rhys Willemse won on the day, confusing with the names, but yes, two different Rhys' . Little Troy beat out his nemesis Connor Fearon in U-19 by 0.1 - fast little buggers:). Peep online results if you are after more-stats... http://www.onlineresults.com.au/Comp/mtba10_dhi_sheparton