Day 1 at Buller

MT.BULLER, VICTORIA, AUSBig day of cleanup,,, crappy weather seems to follow me around the world, jeese. Windy, Muddy, rainy, cold, foggy, conditions were less than ideal for learning the track today. Mega wind storm tomorrow too which may or may not cancel practice and seeding,will see. Hardest thing is always Visibility though, tear-offs only work for so long, fresh goggles every run, boo.

Not too many people were excited to get dirty, but once in the thick of it, the track was fairly grippy. Whole trail was built with rocks pretty much, momentum killing rocks too, so it's not the most enjoyable track, but it has good points. Takes about a minute of Narrow dicing through trees, and hitting rocks before flow kicks in in the middle. Middle and bottom are pretty good though. Nothing too crazy out there as far as difficulty, but I wasn't really going full speed, yet, so we will see. sub 4 min or something. Lot of sneaky hops to get amongst. Not a big social day either, just getting it done and going home to sit in front of the fire and dry off.

I made a really ghetto little video, nothing too great, but maybe you will get a piece of the vibe from it...